John Farrell

for 3 Yr At-Large Board of Director

Reston Association

Action, Advocacy and Accountability

If I am fortunate enough to be elected as your At Large representative on the Reston Association Board of Directors, I will work with my fellow Board members to bring Action, Advocacy and Accountability to:

- Permanently Preserve Both Golf Courses;

- Promptly reopen Lake Thoreau Pool in a cost-efficient manner;

- Expand RA’s assessment base by adding all new residential projects around the Metro stations to RA – it’s only fair and will hold down our RA assessments;

- Obtain recreational facility contributions from developers of Reston’s new residential projects;

- Convert RA’s fleet to electric vehicles;

- Require all commercial properties to comply with RA’s covenants that protect our property values;

- Increase transparency by avoiding executive sessions and revising RA’s committee structure to improve members’ understanding of RA functions;

- Redesign the RA website quickly to improve ease of use for all RA members;

- Increase security of the RA database to protect your personal data; and

- Preserve Reston’s legacy of inclusion of all social-economic groups at all stages of a family’s life-cycle.


I’m asking for your vote for At Large member on the RA Board because We Can Do Better!


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