John Farrell,
3Yr At-Large Reston Association

Experience you can TRUST.

I've loved Reston since 1965. Like other 12-year-olds, I was fascinated by coverage of the Gemini V mission sponsored by Gulf Oil. Gulf's ads featured Reston, a planned Virginia community. In the midst of the Massive Resistance era, Gulf touted Reston's housing for all socio-economic levels throughout a family's lifecycle and the absence of racial covenants. Those ads set my life's course: to study urban government in college and zoning and planning in law school. I moved to Reston in 1984 and raised 4 kids who attended Terraset, Hughes, and South Lakes schools and RA camps. I've been President of Colonial Oaks Cluster and was President of Fairfax Girls Softball. In my law practice, I've represented Reston clusters and formed large homeowner associations in Northern Virginia. I've also been National President of Candlelighters Childhood Cancer Foundation, a parent support group of 40,000 members.

My past service on RA's Parks and Planning Advisory Committee and the recent reserve study have convinced me that RA faces millions of dollars of capital expenses. That study ignores needed renovation of many 40+ year-old amenities, which will significantly increase the already recognized millions needed.RA's future capital needs must be accurately understood and funded. The future residents of Reston represent both a challenge and opportunity. Our new neighbors will want recreational facilities different from what we have today: an indoor 50-meter pool and indoor tennis courts. Those facilities are best funded by the developers who will benefit from Reston's open space and amenities. They need to contribute money to help renovate RA's existing facilities and build Reston'sfuture.To obtain these additional funds, Reston needs an experienced, knowledgeable advocate. I offer these proven qualities for service on the Board.